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unauthorized client software (16)

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Good day, 

I tried to connect to vatsim via XSquawkbox and was given a "unauthorized client software (16)" error, how can i fix this as i have confected to vatsim using XSquawkbox many times in the pass without any errors.

I am using X-Plane 9.70 and the latest version of MacOS




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XSB versions 1.3.3 and below have been de-authorised from the network. I'm not sure if there is a way to connect to VATSIM using X-Plane 9 anymore, as XSB now requires X-Plane 10+, and xPilot (which I believe is available on Windows only) requires X-Plane 11.

Tom Szczypinski
VATSIM Primary Operations Inspector
VATSIM VA Audit Manager


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Supporting X-Plane 9.x just isn't feasible anymore.   XP9 is missing a handful of features that some of the client infrastructure is now dependent upon and supporting older versions of macOS and X-Plane is not an insignificant task - I really cannot justify the effort to work around those absences.

Also, if you're capable of running X-Plane 9, you're not running the latest MacOS.  X-Plane 9 does not and cannot work on macOS 10.15 due to the removal of 32-bit application support - I suspect you're actually running on an older version of macOS.

Given X-Plane 10 came out in 2012, it may well be time to consider upgrading - I suspect your hardware will probably struggle with 11 given the likely age, but you may want to download the demo of 10 and see if it suits your needs - you could still purchase it direct from Laminar last time I looked.  (It's still on retail shelves here in Australia too).    XSB2.x will support X-Plane 10 for the rest of it's foreseeable future, but be aware that XP10 is reaching the end of it's viable support life too thanks to Apple ripping out 32-bit app support in 10.15.


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XSquawkBox - Developer/Maintainer


Please post any support related questions to the XSquawkBox support forum rather than private messaging me, thanks.

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