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EuroScope Plugin Development

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Hello, I did not find a proper subforum for a Plugin developers, and I am one of them having a question, so maybe smb will be able to answer it here.


At the beginning of EuroScopePlugIn.h we have set of classes that are defined inside ES.

I want to have such thing as "custom" DUPE warning - it will illuminate with specific conditions met. In original Euroscopeplugin.h there is a class TAG_ITEM_TYPE_DUPLICATED_SQUAWK, is it possible to access it somehow? I am not very fluent in C/C++, so I am more or less trying my luck with some functions to work out. I have also few other questions, that I'd like to ask to smb who is more fluent in plugin development.

Apologies if this subforum isn't suitable for these kind of questions.




Mateusz Zymla - 1131338

Operational Officer Assistant


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