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Creating arrival sectors

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I'm having a problem using the GUEST feature of Euroscope to correctly assign controllers for aircraft departing and arriving Lisbon.

I want to have 3 controllers:

-TMA controller controlling arrivals from FL250 to FL160;

-Approach controller controlling arrivals from FL160 to FL100 and departures from
takeoff to FL240

-Arrival controller controlling arrivals from FL100 to the ILS (4000ft in both cases, but can vector them to 3000 or 2500 if needed).

I want ES to know that departures are just with LPPT_APP, so that the coordination would be with CTR sectors;
I also want ES to know that arrivals will follow LPPT_H_APP->LPPT_APP->LPPT_F_APP, respecting the FLs I said above.


I have 3 sectors defined, one for each block of airspace I described earlier. Currently I have LPPT_APP as guest in the arrival and TMA sectors for the departures from LPPT, but this is not working. Any way of doing it in a more efficient way?

If you look at the picture, it shows a departure from LPPT, first controller PTF (LPPT_F_APP, should only be used for arrivals), second controller PTA (LPPT_APP, this one is correct but should be him from GND until FL245) and then PTC (LPPT_H_APP, the TMA controller). Why is Euroscope not recognizing LPPT_APP as the only controller for departures? The arrival controller sequence is working as intended.

I am developing the sector file in GNG. I already asked for help there but after troubleshooting they suggested me to post here, so here I am. 



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