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Can Some One Help ME With this Network error: Invalid CID/password

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Hi Mohammad i am one of vatsim members been on vatsim since 2018 its very easy all you have to do is copy correct CID and password make sure when copying only that letters should be there incase while copying if you like slightly increase it which may include space will not copy correct cid instead when pasting it will add like space thingy as well so better copy nicely letter if not then type manually :)

Muhammad Abdullah

Director Flight Operation

Pakistan International Airlines Virtual
email: [email protected]





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Welcome to the network Mohammed. 🙂
As Muhammad said, copying your credentials while making sure you aren't including spaces is something you should do. 


I know if can be hard to get started on VATSIM, there is a lot of new things you need to learn. Luckily, we have gathered quite a few resources that can help you!
The Pilot Resource Centre is your go-to place to get started. If you don't like reading and enjoy videos more, you can check out AviationPro on Youtube, and his VATSIM Turorial playlist

We also have a dedicated facebook page for beginners, called VATSIM For Beginners. Here you can ask all the questions you want amongst other beginners, and get answers from qualified and seasoned pilots, controllers and staff members. 🙂

If you need more help than that, VATSIM even has Authorized Training Organizations that help you get on your way. I would suggest you check out VATSTAR. 🙂

I hope you have a wonderful time on the network, and let us know in the Facebook group should you need more help!

Mats Edvin Aarø
General Manager - Member Engagement
Supervisor Team Lead: Team 4
[email protected]

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