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[07JUN20 0400z - 1100z] Transcon Shuttle Cairns

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VATPAC invites you to a new event based on a previous spin-off - The Transcon Shuttle. Whether you like doing a 4.5hr hop, or a 2hr hop - This event will cater for your needs! Provide passengers the opportunity to move from around the country to the tropical north! Fly from Perth International Airport (YPPH)Adelaide International Airport (YPAD) or Brisbane International Airport (YBBN) inbound for Cairns Airport (YBCS). Expect full ATC services for your trans-continental flight as you all hurdle your way towards Cairns to top up the city with passengers!


Event Details:
Transcon Shuttle is a new event designed to provide pilots with the opportunity to receive full ATC services as they cross the country from nominated departure locations, inbound chosen arrival aerodromes. This event was created after the tremendous feedback we received about our Transcon Panic Stations event that was conducted last year.

This round, we have provided you with three departure aerodromes with different flight times ranging from 4.5 -> 2hrs in length all inbound one arrival aerodrome. This event is designed to provide pilots with the opportunity to explore the country from three different locations, travel across the country, and arrive into one concentrated arrival aerodrome. Controllers get the opportunity to control new and exciting locations with larger levels of traffic, and create a sequence inbound to the arrival aerodrome.


Departure Window:
For each of the departure aerodromes, a 2 hour controller block has been rostered to provide ATC services to departure aircraft. You are recommended to depart during this time to arrive into Cairns during the arrival period. The rostered time for all aerodromes is below:

  • Perth: 0400z - 0600z
  • Adelaide: 0500z - 0700z
  • Brisbane: 0600z - 0800z
  • Cairns: 0800z - 1100z


VATPAC recommends the following routes from the three departure aerodromes. Pilots are welcome to fly from other locations such as Hamilton Island or Sydney inbound to Cairns if they so wish!!!


YPPH - YBCS | 4.5 Hour Flight:

YPAD - YBCS| 3.5 Hour Flight:

YBBN - YBCS | 2 Hour Flight:


Controllers interested in controlling the event are encouraged to submit their ATC Applications here - Applications will remain open until 4 Days before the event date, of which the roster will be compiled on the website.

Dependent on the number of ATC Applications will ultimately persuade the number of controller positions that are eventually published and rostered. Positions that are planned to be rostered are below. Note: *NS* is Non-Standard Positions which will be rostered based on controller availability and position requirements

Name: Login Identifier: Radio Callsign: Frequency:
Adelaide Approach (West) AD_APP Adelaide Approach 124.200
Adelaide Tower AD_TWR Adelaide Tower 120.500
Adelaide SMC AD_GND Adelaide Ground 121.700
Adelaide Clearance Delivery AD_DEL Adelaide Delivery 126.100
Brisbane Approach (North) BN_APP Brisbane Approach 124.700
Brisbane Tower BN_TWR Brisbane Tower 120.500
Brisbane SMC BN_GND Brisbane Ground 121.700
Brisbane Clearance Delivery BN_DEL Brisbane Delivery 118.850
Cairns Approach CS_APP Cairns Approach 118.400
Cairns Tower CS_TWR Cairns Tower 124.900
Cairns SMC CS_GND Cairns Ground 121.700
Perth Approach PH_APP Perth Approach 123.600
Perth Tower PH_TWR Perth Tower 127.400
Perth SMC PH_GND Perth Ground 121.700
Perth Clearance Delivery PH_DEL Perth Delivery 118.550
Brisbane Centre (Downs) BN-DOS_CTR Brisbane Centre 135.600
Brisbane Centre (Isa) BN-ISA_CTR Brisbane Centre 125.200
Brisbane Center (Swampy) *NS* BN-SWY_CTR Brisbane Centre 133.200
Brisbane Centre (Tabletop) BN-TBP_CTR Brisbane Centre 120.550
Brisbane Centre (Warrego) *NS* BN-WAR_CTR Brisbane Centre 132.450
Melbourne Centre (Alice Springs) ML-ASP_CTR Melbourne Centre 131.800
Melbourne Centre (Bourke) ML-BKE_CTR Melbourne Centre 128.200
Melbourne Centre (Esperance) ML-ESP_CTR Melbourne Centre 123.950
Melbourne Centre (Tailem Bend) ML-TBD_CTR Melbourne Centre 125.300


YPPH - Perth International Airport
Payware - MFSG (FSX/P3D)
Freeware - AVSIM (FSX)
Freeware - Gateway (xPlane)

YPAD - Adelaide International Airport
Payware - AUSCENE (FSX/P3D)
Freeware - FlyAway (FSX/P3D)
Freeware - ISDG (xPlane)
Freeware - Gateway (xPlane)

YBBN - Brisbane International Airport
Payware - ORBX (FSX/P3D)Freeware - FlyAway (FSX/P3D)Freeware - CDG (xPlane)
Freeware - Gateway (xPlane)

YBCS - Cairns Airport
Payware - ORBX (FSX/P3D)
Freeware - AVSIM (FSX/P3D)
Freeware - FSClips (xPlane)
Freeware - Gateway (xPlane)

MISC - Miscellaneous Items
Payware - AUSv2 (FSX/P3D) *Required by ORBX Airports*
Freeware - Australia and PNG (XPlane) *What is included


Should you have any questions, queries or suggestions, please contact the events department via the VATPAC forums or by emailing events[at]vatpac.org 

We Look forward to seeing you at our first Shuttle event!!!

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