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The mic gets stuck way too often

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I think it happens when you alt-tab between xPilot and/or other windows. Then the controller has to write "hey your mic is stuck". It happened three times now. The program should probably check whether the push-to-talk button is down or not, regardless fo which window is in focus.

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How many monitors do you have? If you think alt+tab is the problem you could have xpilot on another screen like me. I also think that it gets stuck because it's not recognizing that you released the button. Release it before you alt+tab and you should be good. Also try to (when your mic is stuck) click your ptt-button once so it "updates".

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I am having a stuck mic problem also. 

Using X-pilot and X-plane, 11. PTT is assigned to a button on the Alpha yoke.

Sometimes it works normally.

Sometimes the TX box in x-pilot show green (transmitting) when I'm not holding the button down, and pressing and releasing PTT has no effect. And I get the boot from ATC ūüôā

Sometimes I get complaints from ATC about a stuck mic when neither TX box is showing green.

Is there a dataref  or other diagnostic I can display to help isolate the problem. 

It seems unlikely that this relatively new yoke is the source of the problem....




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