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How to tune in and type to ATC

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Hi everyone,

1) I just joined VATSIM and I am wondering how I can write to ATC when my mic isn't working when using xPilot in X-Plane 11. I tried to during a flight but it didn't seem to work.

2) how do I tune into the ATC frequency, do I have to enter anything in my aircraft or do I do everything on xPilot.

3) When talking do you hold the selected push to talk button for the whole duration while you speak?

Thanks for your help.

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Hello there, Anthony!

1) Make sure you have set a push to talk keybind in Settings>Audio/Push to Talk (PTT) and with the keybind you assigned, you can use that to talk to ATC. If you already have assigned a keybind but you still can't transmit, check your audio settings in the section I showed you above.

2) You can tune into a frequency by typing .com1 (frequency). For example: .com1 118.100 or manually using your radio box.

3) Yes. If you are finished with your transmission, you can let your PTT key go.

If the problem persists, I'm happy to assist you more.

Have fun on VATSIM 🙂

Edited by Christos Metaxas

Hellenic vACC - Student 2

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