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Standalone AFV and XSquawkBox 2.x+

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Just because there seems to be some confusion about this:

You should not run the standalone AFV client with XSquawkBox 2.0 or newer.  The advice about this on the AFV website is outdated (the PDF manual was updated, but the website itself never was).

XSquawkBox 2.0 has full AFV functionality built in, including some extras, such as per-radio volume control in correctly rigged models.

Running the Standalone AFV client with XSquawkBox is unsupported - It will cause problems if both clients are configured correctly.

If you cannot work out how to configure the voice system in XSquawkBox, please refer to the Configuring XSquawkBox section of the Getting Standard chapter of the XSB2 manual which covers off the necessary steps to get things configured and working.


Edited by Christopher Collins

XSquawkBox - Developer/Maintainer


Please post any support related questions to the XSquawkBox support forum rather than private messaging me, thanks.

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