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No access to SIDS/STARS

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Hi everyone,

I am new to VATSIM and I am wondering if we need access to SIDS/STARS?

My aircraft in X-Plane cannot select SIDS or STARS so I cannot enter them into the FMC.

If we do need to fly SIDS and STARS, are there any other ways to get them on my aircraft (Flightfactor A350 xplane)


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You can try manually entering the waypoints of a given arrival or departure.  That will at least give you LNAV capability.  Utilizing published departures and arrivals are certainly commonplace and helpful, but they are not required.  Most facilities have provisions for No SID/STAR aircraft that allow vectoring in ir out of a sector gate while not conflicting with others.

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There is a "payware" option for access to up-to-date procedures and this source would be Navigraph. Though not needed as such as Nick stated, there is always a way for the Air Traffic Controller to provide services that do not require these procedures to be generated in the plan as needed.

Now, there may be limitations with not having the procedures available, and that would be the normal navigation data needed to be used to fly in accordance to GNSS routes may become available. Though ATC will comply with whatever limitations you must have to their best ability.

If you somehow miracously have near up-to-date NAVAIDs (navigational aids) in the database provided by Flightfactor, or the base X-Plane 11; you may want to use a chart supplement database such as Chartfox to manually input these fixes for the pilot navigation SIDs (and altitude restrictions with RNAV and Hybrids).

I hope all works well, and continue to have fun navigating the skies!

Aidan Deschene
Training Administrator
[email protected]

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