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Equalizing transmitting volumes

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I noticed during a flight today that the transmitting volumes of pilots are quite far apart. Some pilots are difficult to understand due to low transmitting volume while some pilots blow out your eardrums when transmitting. Would it be possible to implement in the audio software something the equalizes the volumes of all pilots to a certain level, by boosting the low volume speakers and slightly muting the high volume speakers. The controller can then decide with their computer volume at what volume they want to recieve the transmissions. DJ software already has this kind of function for equalizing the volumes of different tracks, so it should be possible somehow. 

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The main issue with differing volume levels is controllers being afraid to tell pilots to calibrate their mics properly.  Automatic gain has been on the todo list for a while.  I am sure when Mark or myself get some enthusiasm we will get that done... Still at least its better than old voice 🙂



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