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What do these options mean?

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And a follow-up question after reading the doc, will private messages send by ATC such as "Please contact me on xxx.xxx" also be displayed in the radio message window in the latest version? I'm now on 1.3.14.

Because in earlier versions of xPilot, it seemed I would only see text sent on the channel currently tuned. While private messages which end up in a new tab in the main xPilot UI didn't show in the radio message window. Which is a bummer when you're flying in VR. Since that means you'll have to take your VR glasses off to see who asked you to contact them.

I'm not sure if you saw it already, but speaking of flying in VR, a wet dream of mine is to have the most basic info such as nearby ATC and text messages directly in AviTab/the Zibo mod EFB. That would truly be awesome and even when I'm no coder myself, I like to think that wouldn't be too hard to implement.

But what do I know 😄

Richard Åsberg

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