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VATNAF3 (ATC Training Director) Vacancy

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Dear VATSIMers,

Inline with VATNAF's current restructuring process, we are currently looking for an ATC Training Director to take on the following roles and tasks:

  1. Develop the required documentation, manuals, and guidelines.
  2. Supervise the ATC training in VATNAF's vACC's.
  3. Enforce the maintenance of ATC proficiency and currency with real-world operations and procedures within the vACCs.
  4. Coordination of ATC coverage during events.
  5. Training of ATC personnel within VATNAF’s vACCs (if required).
  6. Other ATC related tasks as they surface.

The candidate will need to:

  1. Hold a minimum controller rating of C1.
  2. Be in good standing with VATSIM.
  3. Become familiarized with general real-world ATC procedures, and be willing to familiarize themselves with those enforced in VATNAF's airspace.
  4. Agree and subdue to VATNAF's Divisional Policy posted on VATAME's HQ.

Interested candidates should email me through the following email "[email protected]" with their CID and a short paragraph about their VATSIM activity in general during the time they have spent over VATSIM.

Deadline for submitting the applications will be Sunday 7th of June, 2020 at 00:00 z 


Best Regards,

Edited by Mohammed Dakamawy
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Mohammed El-Dakamawy | 1254968


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