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X Pilot for xplane 11.50

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Hi, I understood that in order to use X Plane 11.50 with Vulkan it is necessary to use a new release of X Pilot, X Pilot ALPHA 1.3.14.

I would like to have two installations on the same computer, one with X Plane 11.40 and X Pilot Beta (v1.2.1.0)   and one with Plane 11.50 /Vulkan with xPilot ALPHA 1.3.14 (X plane installations are on my drive D (including X Pilot plugin). X Pilot, the system, is saved under C:\Users\AppData\Local.

Is it OK to add  xPilot ALPHA 1.3.7 additionally on C so that X Plane 11.40 will use X Pilot Beta (v1.2.1.0) and X Plane 11.50 xPilot ALPHA 1.3.14 ? 


Thanks a lot!

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