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AviationCommunity [EN/DE] - Planespotting, Simflying and Learning!

Michel Rothstein

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AviationCommunity [EN/DE] - Discord based Community

The AviationCommunity Discord is part of a small community which is dedicated to Virtual Flying and Planespotting (IRL)!

We have a variety of functions on the Discord, which allow you to get Charts, METAR and other useful things for flying in Xplane11, FSX or Prepar3D. Main purpose of the forum-like Discord community is the exchange of knowledge between SimPilots and RealPilots, which are also present on the Discord.


DISCORD:  Click here to join!


Mentors and other experienced Pilots are ready to answer questions, help you getting started in virtual aviation and support you in need of assistance 😉.

Group flights are taking place nearly every weekend! Get your friends and have fun with the community and connect yourself (Events are organized by VirtualLH.com)

Aviation friends, with which you can connect and have fun, are all over the Discord - So are you and helping our community to grow!

Controllers and Pilots - Not only pilots but also controllers are present on the Discord! Especially for beginners it can be a big help to talk to an ATC (f.e. PushToTalk fear)

Newbie friendly - Newbies to Virtual Aviation are always welcome here. We love to lead you to the exciting path of aviation!

Multilingual based community! Almost half of our community is from germany, however are english based to make it international friendly!


A community is waiting for you 🛫


Invite link: https://discord.gg/34REwKf





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