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No In-Flight Traffic in ForeFlight

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Hi, folks. Love Xpilot. I've got a strange problem. New install of 11.50 beta and the latest Xpilot alpha. I can see planes on the ground, but not in the air on ForeFlight. I do not have "hide distant traffic" enabled in FF. Does anyone have any ideas why I can't see in-flight traffic? Also, I verified there was no traffic showing on FF during while I was in the air and surrounded by plenty of traffic. Okay, thanks in advance for any and all help with this. I hope it's something easy : )

p.s. In the first screenshot, you can see planes at KALB at the gate and taxiing (brown arrows and vector line). In the second, you should see a bunch of planes as blue triangles with vector lines.  I did another experiment with this at Boston this morning. Departing planes looked like brown triangles on takeoff, but disappeared shortly after departure. Weird.



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Hi, Justin. No worries. Thanks for all your hard work on the client.  Hi, Josh. I thought I had ForeFlight with traffic working in P3D with vPilot, but I could be mistaken. It could have been AivlaSoft's EFB, which I used for a few years.

In any case, I did a bunch of testing this afternoon using different versions of XP11 -- 41 and 50b9 -- and the beta and alpha versions of xPilot. Here's what I found out:

  • ForeFlight will show all stock AI traffic in XP with proper altitude, speed, N-number, vectors, and color-coding (brown for ground traffic, blue for aircraft in flight). I double checked that it matched up perfectly with the built-in map in XP11. So, that works and is cool, but it's just AI, not VATSIM : (
  • When I use xPilot to connect to VATSIM, ForeFlight will show the online traffic at gates, taxiing, taking off, and landing with correct flight number and vectors. However, after 5 miles, the traffic disappears. Also, the traffic (even landing and upwind) only shows as ground traffic.

So, the good news is that XP11 is sending all of the information ForeFlight needs to show traffic just like in the real world (both on the ground and in the air). And, XP11 using the xPilot client is actually sending the VATSIM ground traffic to ForeFlight accurately. I think that's exciting since it implies that the same would be possible for airborne traffic. Justin, if you think of a solution, please let me know because I'd love to test it. Okay, keep up the great work on xPilot. Thank you!

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