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xsquawkbox on Server / Client Based Multi PC Home Cockpit

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I am operating a X-Plane 11 based home cockpit comprising of 04 Client computers for outside panoramic scenery view and one Server computer for controlling client computers.

Will xsquawkbox work in above mentioned Server- Client arrangement of flight simulator computers ? 

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There are instructions on how to do this on the x-plane.org forums somewhere (the rough procedure hasn't changed since it was introduced before my time), but the rough outline is:

  • Install XSB on every system.
  • On the "primary" system (the one running your flight dynamics and coordinating the others), set up audio and your keybindings.  Enable the Proxy in XSB.  This system MUST be your voice and XSB text/command system - trying to use any other system in the setup will likely cause problems.
  • On the "secondary" systems (all the others), Disable XSB's voice support (I think this has to be done by editing the config file by hand still to be certain, although not selecting anything in the audio setup will have the same effect, just with a warning on startup - I've forgotten the name for entry you need to put in - I'll have to look it up and add it to the manual later) and connect to the primary's IP address (enter it manually in the connect box).

When connecting to VATSIM, connect all the secondaries to the primary *first* (the username password settings on those will be ignored).  Then connect the primary.  Only the system running the FDM is subject to the simulation rate check, so make sure it is capable of running at full speed all the time.

XSquawkBox - Developer/Maintainer


Please post any support related questions to the XSquawkBox support forum rather than private messaging me, thanks.

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