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Joshua Micallef

[11JUL20 0800-1100z] GA Madness Melbourne

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Welcome to day six of VATPAC's week long event extravaganza as we celebrate the 10 Year Anniversary of Milk Run Monday! Do you ever get sick and tired of flying in a B737 at 35,000ft not exploring all that amazing scenery that is hidden below the clouds? VATPAC Invites members of the VATSIM Community to try something different, flights in and around the beautiful Southern Tip of Australia!

Fly from either Moorabbin, Avalon, Essendon, or Canberra in your favourite GA or Regional prop aircraft, with Full ATC Services from 0800z - 1100z.


Find out more here

Joshua Micallef
C3 Senior Controller | I1 Instructor
VATPAC Director, Events| ATC Training Instructor
[email protected]

3000+ Hours on the Network


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