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Atcsession returns 500 error when online

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I have just tested the API endpoint /ratings/{id}/atcsessions/. I found that it is working correctly when a user is not currently on any ATC position. Otherwise, the API will return a server error. So I guess it may not handle an incomplete session well. Is it possible to use an object with some null properties to represent the user is currently still in a session?



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I'm also having this issue. Whenever the return will include the user's current connection, the API returns error 500. The main time I encounter this problem is when I attempt to pull all of a user's stats in one go.

A workaround is to specifically request a position which the user is not currently connected to, which works fine. However, there is no way to see what someone is currently connected as (except through the status API, which does not sort/filter by CID).

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