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[vAAirlines] Officially Open - The world is waiting.

Torrance Hollins

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vAAirlines is proud to announce that the work that began in the fall of 2019 has been completed and the official opening of our airline has now taken place! vAAirlines was an idea that stemmed from a member of the real world American Airlines Group, Inc. (AAG) who wanted to create the most realistic and immersive virtual experience modeled after the real world American Airlines.

vAAirlines recognizes that there are other options when choosing an American Virtual Airline and knew that key differences would need to be highlighted to ensure that the market was provided with a truly unique experience. This recognition was the inspiration to create our three main principles which include freedom, experience, and progression. But what do those mean to us?

Freedom - It should be your choice to fly online with any network and the real world flight numbers or offline with or without your own AI packages, so it is. While we encourage our pilots to utilize the VATSIM network as much as possible to maximize the realism in their flight experience, we recognize that sometimes you are just not able to log on to the network and should not be punished for that.  

Experience - We believe in putting out our stats, policies, and your accomplishments on display. Our responsive team means you get answers, not ticket numbers. Your experience should start right when you arrive on our home page and not once you sign up. We let you see the kind of organization you are joining before even hitting the "Sign Up" button and make sure that you have everything that you need once logged in to succeed. 

Progression - No "pay to play" of any kind. Our ranks are earned through both experience and knowledge with help from our revolutionary Check Airman program. We want you to progress through the ranks while learning about the aircraft and airspace that you are flying in and not by paying for a premium membership or worrying about website ads, donation buttons, or "stock options". 

The world is waiting. Are you ready to take flight into an extremely rewarding and immersive experience with us? Check out our "About Us" page or simply visit us at www.aalva.org to see just what we are about. Welcome to vAAirlines, An American Virtual Airline. 

Thank you for your time, and I look forward to flying with you all very soon!


Torrance Hollins | vAAirlines CEO - aalva.org


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