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new vrc secter file and ailius file

John Sanders

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The squawk codes assigned in VRC will be a function of the .pof file you're using and the frequency/position you are primed on. When your primary frequency in VRC matches one in your .pof, you'll assign codes as defined in the .pof. If not, you'll assign 1000 codes.

Having not controlled in Europe or with the U.K. group, I would suggest that using their preferred/supported ATC client, which I imagine is Euroscope, is the way to go. In the U.S., we teach our controllers using the U.S.-based VRC, vSTARS, and vERAM.


Evan Reiter
Boston Virtual ARTCC/ZBW Community Manager


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John, why are you unable to use Euroscope?

You are of course open to using whatever client you want, but vACC's are not required to, and the vast majority do not support more than one software. I do not know anyone in Europe who uses VRC anymore, as Euroscope is the most used.

Remember that you are expected to have updated files and be able to work off the local procedures set forth by VATUK and VATEUR, without it impacting coordination with other controllers or pilots. 🙂 If you are able to solve that with VRC, you're good to go

Mats Edvin Aarø
Assistant to the Vice President - Supervisors
VATSIM General Manager: Member Engagement
[email protected]

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