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Vpilot network and voice keeps disconnecting

Adrian Obediente

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Sim:                   FSX
Vatsim client:  Vpilot
Server:             Singapore (it has the lowest ping for me around 30 to 40)

Ever since i joined Vatsim, i never had a smooth flight due to network and voice server disconnecting.
When i start a flight, everything's fine up until departure, cruise and mostly, approach.
during cruise my Vpilot disconnects like once or twice which is fine. But during approach it keeps on disconnecting like every 2 minutes.
and when it automatically connects, all transmissions comes in at once, its just pure noise. And when someone transmits, its very choppy
and i'm choppy for them too.

Only 40% of the flight that they can hear me properly.
I tried changing server (USA EAST) even though its far for me, but still same results.

My internet is great and I have no problems with other things (like watching movies, downloading etc..)
Its just my Vatsim experience isn't that great due to disconnecting issues.

What can i do? Should I change anything in Vpilot or the settings on my PC itself?
Thank you any answer would be greatly appreciated!



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This smells like a port timeout problem..

Ensure you've forwarded UDP port 3290 in your router, for routers that close the port after a timeout. (If you're not sure if yours does or not, it doesn't hurt to set up the forwarding for routers that don't have an inactivity timeout). Some Windows 10 users are finding that the Windows 10 Firewall is the culprit. If port forwarding alone doesn't solve the issue, try the following in Win10: Windows Settings > Network and Internet > Windows Firewall > Allow an App Through Firewall > (Admin Icon) Change Settings > scroll down to vpilot.exe > ensure both Private and Public are checked.

Mats Edvin Aarø
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Port forwarding for 3290 is no longer needed, that was for the old voice system. (Yes, the vPilot docs need to be updated in this regard.)

The AFV devs would have to chime in with the official word, but I don't believe any port forwarding is necessary with the new voice system.

Developer: vPilot, VRC, vSTARS, vERAM, VAT-Spy

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I've had the same problem since updating hardware (new motherboard, processor, memory, hard drive) on my computer. Vpilot v2.5.2 randomly disconnects from voice server and reconnects a second later. Same message as shown above in Adrian's post.

I tried to add port 3290 to my Cisco router and to McAfee firewall but the problem continues.

My system specs:

Win 10 Home V2004 build 19041.388

Asus TUF Gaming X570 Plus Wifi motherboard (connected via ethernet not wifi)

AMD Ryzen 7 3800X processor

32G memory

M600 1 TB SSD

Nvidia GTX670 and AMD Radeon HD6850 video cards.

Have updated Windows, BIOS, motherboard drivers, video card drivers.

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