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Flightplans to airports with no ICAO code

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Hi folks,

I have been doing a lot of GA/air taxi-style flying and wanted to know what do you put in the flightplan as a destination if you're going to an unlicensed airfield that has no ICAO code? For example, the other day I did Birmingham - Strathallan, had to go IFR up there because weather wasn't great en-route but was fine to go visual for the last part up in Scotland. I ended up putting EGPT as the destination, and then 'DESTINATION STRATHALLAN' in the remarks field. Same for coming back - I had to put 'DEPARTING STRATHALLAN'. How is it done in real life for that matter, too? I also wanted to fly at some point to Hinton in the Hedges, which again, has no ICAO code.


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Hi John, you can use 'ZZZZ' for airports with no ICAO code and when asked just state your intentions to ATC.

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Yes, insert "ZZZZ" in the airfield box of your FPL, but also insert a remark with the airport name into your REMARKS box: ADEP stands for airport of departure and ADES stands for airfield of destination. An entry would like look like RMK/ADEP EXAMPLE FIELD or RMK/ADES SAMPLE FIELD.

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Exactly. And the ''zzzz'' can apply to lots of things. Lets say your aicraft doesnt have an ICAO identifier, you would put ZZZZ in that field with a remark in a similar fashion.

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