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Sudden increases in volume

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Occasionally when I'm flying ATC or another pilot will be transmitting and their volume will gradually increase until it is blaring through my headset to the point where it is distorted. I'm guessing this is a vpilot issue since this doesn't happen with anything else, but I don't know what is causing it and I can't figure out any sort of pattern or certain conditions that create this problem, as far as I can tell it is completely random.

Has anyone else had issue similar to this? If so, is there a fix or am I just going to have to get good at ripping of my headset really fast?

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Hi, this is not an issue with vPilot itself; but with the voice software we use - Audio for VATSIM. This already has lots of topics, I suggest you read this:


Mats Edvin Aarø
Assistant to the Vice President - Supervisors
VATSIM General Manager: Member Engagement
[email protected]

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