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Difference between VA and vACC

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Okay so I am a staff at VATSIM Saudi Arabia, or vACCSA in the Middle East and Africa region.


I have been noticing lately as the number of members increase with an increase in ATC training request and Pilot activity in our vACC, that most of these individuals come from a VA (Virtual Airlines), a local one.


The problem is, they join the VA and the vACC knowing that all these services such as Pilot and ATC training, member support, and events hosted by the vACC all to be a part of this VA in subject and not the vACC. Basically they have no idea what vACC is or what vACCSA is.


So, I want to change that, I want to invite the whole VA for a discord meeting and would like to explain the difference between VA and vACC. But I just cant figure out how to start it off, the correct way to differentiate between them.


This might be very silly, but a few point would help a lot.


Thanks .


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On 7/10/2020 at 1:36 PM, Andreas Fuchs said:

ACC = Area Control Center

This is a unit that is responsible to render ATC services and training in an area/region/country, your case Saudi Arabia. This is true from clearance delivery control up to the actual "area control" (Center). Since it's just a simulation, a "v" is added to the name, hence your organization is called "vACC", virtual Area control Center. To control online at VATSIM, members have to go through training and checking and this has to be done by vACCs and those ATC activities are limited to the vACC where you are a member of, but you can also be a visiting controller at other vACCs.

Some vACCs offer not only training for ATCOs, but also maintain a pilot training organization, called "ATO" (Approved Training Organization). I do not know whether this is the case for vACC SA or not. Pilot training is not mandatory at VATSIM, but highly recommended. Anyone can just perform flights at VATSIM, there is no need to be a member of a vACC or an ATO to do so. Only controllers are required to be trained, checked and rated before they can start their activities on the network.

In vACC Germany (branded as "VATSIM Germany") pilots are welcome to be members, too, because this is the best way to stay in direct contact with local pilots to provide them with direct information about new procedures, common mistakes, what could be done better etc.. I think this is a good way to do it, to be inclusive of all members and not be a pure ATC-organization. If you want pilots to be well prepared (charts, valid flightplan routes, accurate airport scenery etc.), then your best way is to promote these materials and this is easier if they are members of your vACC.

Aviation is a constant learning environment and this requires regular communication between all parties that are involved.

Noted all, this will help a bunch. Thank you very much!

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