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[31JUL 1500 - 1800z] Desert Link | OERK - OTHH

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Saudi Arabian vACC and Bahrain vACC presents the Desert Link!

Join the desert fun flying from OERK | Riyadh to OTHH | Doha on Friday, the 31st of July 2020.

Departure slot out of Riyadh is available every 5 minutes from 1500z to 1800z, flight booking is available HERE.

OERK Scenery FSX/P3D | Free
OERK Scenery XP| Free
OERK Scenery FSX/P3D | Paid
OTHH Scenery FSX/P3D | Free
OTHH Scenery XP | Free
OTHH Scenery FSX/P3D | Paid
OERK Charts
OTHH Charts
Flight Booking

Desert Link Banner.jpg

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