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Position Vacancy - VATCAR Information Systems Manager (VATCAR7)

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The Information Systems Manager is responsible for development and management of all VATCAR information systems. This is includes but is not limited to all websites, databases, communications services and applications. They are responsible for overseeing the management of the VATCAR Information Systems Team. The Information Systems Manager reports to the Division Director and Deputy Director. They are a member of the VATCAR Executive Committee. The duties are not limited to those described below.


Interested candidates will be expected to submit a letter of interest to [email protected] including qualifications and link(s) to previous work (GitHub, BitBucket, or other projects repositories)


Information Systems Manager Requirements

  • Thorough knowledge of PHP 7 or newer, MySQL/MariaDB databases, and Git & GitHub (including branching, merging, pull requests)
  • Knowledge of HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap with basic knowledge of Javascript
  • Familiar with JSON, XML, AJAX, & REST APIs
  • Knowledge of utilizing CLI and managing an Ubuntu server
  • Ability to effectively lead in a team environment
  • Minimum of Student 3 (S3) Rating
  • 1 year of active experience on the VATSIM Network in good standing
  • Candidate will be required to transfer to the VATCAR Division if not already a VATCAR home controller
  • The Information Systems Manager position requires a sometimes significant time commitment each month


Information Systems Manager Duties

  • Responsible for all operations associated with the Information Systems Department & Team
  • Monitors the day-to-day status of VATCAR Information Systems
  • Reports to the Division Director & Deputy Director
  • Assists in the development and execution of division projects
  • Maintains an online presence on the VATCAR Discord and VATSIM server
  • Attends periodic meetings to report on the status of VATCAR information systems and to stay abreast of VATCAR & VATSIM issues and policies
## [email protected]
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