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Summer on the Aegean | Friday 31st of July 2020 | 17:00Z-20:00Z

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It’s already summer in Greece and that means the temperature has risen, and every beach -pebble or sandy- has been filled up with people.
Two of the most beautiful islands in Greece and in the Aegean Sea are ready to welcome you for your holidays. 
On July 31st, we plan our vacation, we get our luggage ready and we fly to "Kos Hippocrates Airport (LGKO) and to Heraklion airport" Nikos Kazantzakis "(LGIR)". Both airports will be fully manned from 17.00 - 20.00z and will be waiting for all of you to welcome the summer of 2020.

Airport Briefing and Charts

    Kos Hippocrates |  Nikos Kazantzakis

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As the day of the event approaches, it would be nice to mention some hints and tips about how to approach and land with no stress in these Greek destinations 😎


In general:

  • Due to the nature of these approaches, please be prepared to provide detailed position reports (Distance from waypoint - Altitude passing or Radial from VOR - DME from VOR - Altitude passing).
  • Get some extra fuel (30 mins fuel is a good estimate) as you might need to enter one of the published holdings till your turn to approach comes.
  • For the aircraft unable to execute RNAV approaches, the VOR approach will be also available in both airports.


Kos Ippokratis:

  • The airport is located on the island of Kos in the south east part of Greece.
  • The airport uses non precision approaches and most commonly the RNP approaches.
  • Procedural ATC is to be expected (do not expect to have radar vectors once you contact Kos approach)
  • Try to follow speed and altitude restrictions to facilitate traffic separation (do not forget the ATC wont have a radar screen to provide spacing)
  • Once you land on runway 32 please vacate at the end of the runway (intersection A2)
  • Appropriate alternate airport for most aircraft types is Rhodos (LGRP) equipped with ILS.


Heraklion Nikos Kazantzakis:

  • The airport is located in the south part of Greece on the island of Crete.
  • Most commonly type of approach is RNAV for runway 27.
  • If runway 09 is in use then there are 2 options. Either execute the RNAV( alternatively VOR) approach of runway 27 circle-to-land runway 09 or execute the VOR B approach commencing from ADORI. The VOR B approach though will not get you aligned with runway 09 but 52 degrees offset to the runway 😉
  • Appropriate alternate airport for most aircraft types is Chania (LGSA) or Rhodos (LGRP).
  • Heraklion approach can facilitate radar coverage so expect some radar intervention for traffic sequencing.
  • Runway 12/30 will not be available due to the heavy traffic on runway 09/27. 
  • Parking stands do not require pushback.


We hope you enjoy your flight to these two summer destinations! ☀️ 

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Dimitris Ntistis 

HvACC ATC training deputy director


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Enjoy your flight to these two beautiful sceneries with demanding approaches and don't forget that you can fly from/to wherever you want. We will try to staff Athens airport (LGAV) too, for those who want to do a short domestic flight.

See you on Friday on the virtual skies.

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