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New Discord Server For All Things Flight Planning, Long-Haul and Oceanic [Link Updated]

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Nowadays, short- and medium-haul flights are still dominant in the VATSIM online scene. long-haul and transoceanic flights are known to be daunting and flight planning can present numerous challenges to even the experienced pilots -

  • Operating across multiple nations and continents with vastly different route systems and airway structures can present obstacles to unfamiliar pilots (e.g. RAD and IFPS within Eurocontrol). Oftentimes its hard to do the route planning both quickly and realistically.
  • Operations in oceanic areas feature special procedures such as ETOPS/EDTO, OTS systems (NAT/PACOTS), random routing, non-radar environment, among others. These are the most demanding real-world airline flying environments and can be daunting for someone without the vast amount of background knowledge (both aviation and non-aviation) needed.
  • Long-haul flights steps up the stakes in flight planning significantly and calls for procedures such as re-dispatch, and precise fuel planning. Small deviations in wind aloft data will have a huge impact on the fuel burn, and no one wants to run out of fuel in the middle of the ocean. Plus heavier aircraft hitting their range will bring limiting performance issues that must be considered before takeoff.
  • Meteorological information around the globe will be needed for a safe flight and landing; will need to be accurate to ensure precise fuel planning. Where to gather these info, and how to get them early so that we have time to prepare, is the key.

Well don't you worry, we got you covered! At Project Firmament, we have been organizing long-haul and transoceanic flights and events on VATSIM for years. Our footprints have been over 6 continents, 5 oceans and countless countries around the world. Now, with our experiences in these aforementioned aspects, we want to help you to get started on the journey as well!

Already an expert on these? Even better! I'm sure there must be something that we don't know, and others may be able to learn a lot from your expertise!

Join The Server Now. Don't you wait.

In case you have missed this, we have an event coming up this Saturday (Jul. 25) to kick off the server!

Official VATSIM Event Link

Event Sign-up

So if you are still wondering "why long-haul", just join the event and we will show you!

Edited by Muxi Yang
Link Updated.

Marin M. Yang - Director of Project Firmament

Get in touch with us

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