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Aidan Stevens and Zach Biesse-Fitton to retire from VATSIM’s Board of Governors

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Aidan Stevens, Vice President - Technical Development and Zach Biesse-Fitton, Vice President - Web Services have announced their intentions to retire from VATSIM’s Board of Governors.

While we are sad to see them leave the Board of Governors, we are excited that both intend to pursue other roles within VATSIM and deliver the changes we have been working so hard to bring to production.

Zach’s retirement from the Board of Governors corresponds to his desire to return to his home division in a senior leadership role as interim division director for VATPAC. Zach also wishes to allow a new member of the network to step up and continue to push and progress the technology further, with new skill and motivation.

Aidan's departure from the Board of Governors will allow him to refocus his significant technical strengths and focus on other duties within the network.

While Aidan and Zach’s departures leave chairs to fill on the Board of Governors, our network development has never been stronger. They have done a phenomenal  job to organize great teams with strong leaders for all of our new technologies under development. These teams continue to work hard every day and will continue to do so.

We want to officially thank Aidan and Zach for all of the work they’ve done during their time on the Board of Governors. They have led us through some of the most significant technical changes the network has seen in its history and have set up a succession plan to ensure that we do not lose any ground on our projects under development. We wish them the best in the new roles they have chosen to take within VATSIM, and thank them for their continued dedication to our network.


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Matthew Cianfarani
Vice President - Membership
VATSIM Board of Governors

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