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Hello everyone. I have just signed up and signed into the Vatsim network. I'm trying to prepare myself ahead of time as my first dive into the flight Sim world will be when MFS2020 drops. I plan on doing all the training programs both on and off the simulator and on this network before jumping into a flight. I'll definitely start with GA aircraft and work my way up slowly.

I do have a question regarding the programs, apps, and plugins I will need to get things working. I noticed on the required downloads page that all of the programs only refer to either Xplane or FSX but nothing about the upcoming sim. This is understandable of course but do we expect that the ones that work with FSX will be compatible with 2020? Or do I just need to wait it out?

I can't wait to get into this hobby more and look forward to what Vatsim and all of you has to offer.

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Hey Corey,

Up until yesterday, there was really only speculation about VATSIM's compatibility for Microsoft's new Flight Simulator. As we get closer to the release date, we'll have more information about how to use VATSIM with the new Microsoft Flight Simulator. Keep an eye on our Twitter and/or Facebook Page as well as here on our Community Forums for news and announcements related to MSFS.

Outside of that, welcome to VATSIM! I've been flying for a few years now and I still love going up in a smaller GA plane, touring around different states and countries which is definitely something I recommend doing. Based off of what Microsoft has shown of the new Flight Simulator, the graphics are crazy and I'm sure there is plenty to look at for low-altitude VFR flying!

As a new member to the network, I definitely recommend checking out the Pilot Resource Centre on our website, which you can visit by clicking here. There's a lot of really good information in the Pilot Resource Centre that'll help prepare you for your first flight on the network. Also, something I always recommend is that you ask questions! We have an active community here on our forums, and over 30,000 people in our Facebook Group and I'm sure there are plenty of those people who would be more than happy to answer your questions! Remember, Them helping you have a better understanding of how to fly on the network creates an overall better environment for them as well.

Overall, welcome to VATSIM! We look forward to seeing you on the network soon.


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Brant Marshall
General Manager - VATSIM Social Media
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Brant couldn’t have said it any better! Welcome and enjoy!

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