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[SAT Aug 1] ​​​🏝️​🏔️🌋Islands​, Mountains, Volcanoes (VCBI-KSEA w/ ATC) [DUPLICATE POST]

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This post is a DUPLICATE. It will not be updated. Please see here instead


Depart from the tropical 🏝️island🏝️ of Sri Lanka, then fly over the top of the world - Himalayas and the towering 🏔️mountain🏔️ ranges of Tibet, with the active 🌋volcanoes🌋 on Kamchatka and Aleutian Islands coming up later, before we land at Seattle-Mount Rainier Airport (Wait you say Tacoma? What's that again?)


Sign Up Here

Time: Saturday 08z - 24z (Tentative)

Or flexible, with intermediate airport departures available during most of the flight

As always, full ATC coverage at both ends and enroute ATC guaranteed. Just like our other groupflights!

Sceneries: VCBI P3D-Free XPlane-Free FSX/P3D-Commercial Xplane-Commercial KSEA FSX/P3D-Free Xplane-Free P3D-Commercial FSX/P3D-Commercial Xplane-Commercial (link≠endorsement)


Route: Pending Wind Optimization (We will deliver you the best route in accordance with real-world NOPAC routing procedures. Join the discord to join the route discussion!)


ICYMI, our discord server was recently launched. Read more - New Discord Server For All Things Flight Planning, Long-Haul and Oceanic

For this particular flight we are gonna cover:

  • Wind Optimization
  • Russian Trans East Routes - The Asia<>NA routing option you don't know about 
  • ETOPS or non-ETOPS? Not alwaysa simple answer
  •   🏔️ Engine-out Driftdown Terrain Analysis (Advanced)

So what are you waiting for? Join now

This post will be updated.



A big thank you to vACC SRM and vZSE ARTCC for organizing the event ATCs on both ends!

Edited by Muxi Yang
Updated Sceneries.

Marin M. Yang - Director of Project Firmament

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