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[16AUG2020 21:30 - 24AUG2020 08:00] World Tour - Summer 2020

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As the summer vacations slowly come to an end and work/school starts again, we at SWISS Virtual and SASva are organizing a final all-out summer event around the globe for a full week of 24/7 flying.

Non-VA members are welcome to join, the more the merrier!

The event will consist of multiple back-to-back roundtrip flights from Zürich LSZH (SWISS Virtual) and Copenhagen EKCH (SASva) to diverse destinations throughout the world.

We have organized and confirmed ATC for all of the scheduled destinations except VNKT.

We have also partnered up with iniBuilds to offer free GSX and Dynamic Lighting profiles for most of the scheduled destinations.
Download the profiles and more at https://www.inibuilds.com/ !

SWISS Virtual members will be able to book the event flights on the event page (not required for non-members): https://intranet.swiss-virtual.com/events/viewall

The planned schedule is as follows:
- All times and dates are in UTC.
- Arrival times are pure estimations and may vary. 
- For flights to/from EKCH, just replace LSZH with EKCH.
- "+1" means arrival on the next calendar day.

<Departure Date>
<Dep Time> <Origin>-<Destination> <Arr Time>

16th August
21:30 LSZH-VNKT 05:45

17th August
06:15 VNKT-LSZH 15:20
16:00 LSZH-WADD 06:35(+1)

18th August
07:05 WADD-LSZH 20:35
21:00 LSZH-FACT 08:10(+1)

19th August
08:30 FACT-LSZH 20:00
20:30 LSZH-RKSI 07:35(+1)

20th August
08:05 RKSI-LSZH 20:15
20:45 LSZH-YPPH 12:35(+1)

21st August
14:30 YPPH-LSZH 06:55(+1)

22nd August
11:00 LSZH-KDEN 21:40
22:10 KDEN-LSZH 07:30(+1)

23rd August
09:00 LSZH-SKBO 19:20
20:00 SKBO-LSZH 07:55(+1)

You can also simply subscribe to this Google calendar for a better overview (the time and dates will automatically adjust to your google calendar time zone): https://calendar.google.com/calendar?cid=bWQxaGU2NDVpdm5tazlsNTdjcmUzMXM5c2dAZ3JvdXAuY2FsZW5kYXIuZ29vZ2xlLmNvbQ

SWISS Virtual: https://www.swiss-virtual.com/
SASva: https://www.sasva.net/
iniBuilds: https://www.inibuilds.com/

Tristan Hancock

Chief Operations Officer


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