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Jaime Rodriguez

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I was finally able to successfully connect to VATSIM today (via vPilot). The Vatsim Flight Tracker map showed my aircraft, and several others on the ground and in the air near me. However I could not see any of them in sim. I am I missing? Is there like an IP address I'm supposed to connect to (like in Multiplayer)? How do I see other aircraft? Do I have to join a Virtual Airliner?    



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vPilot, or xPilot?

If vPilot (FSX/P3D), you should see SOMETHING there, even if not the right aircraft type.  Look at "FLAi" as a more complete set of models you can install to allow vPilot a better variety of planes it can choose from, to increase the odds it will represent the other pilot as they intend. 

If xPilot (X-Plane), if you didn't install a set of CSLs (similarly, models xPilot can use to display others as), the other pilots indeed might appear invisible.  Read through the documentation for xPilot.  It explains the install and setup process for these.

In either case, please note there is a Support forum for your pilot client of choice, and you'll have a better chance of finding helpful prior posts on any further topics you have questions on. 

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