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Working on getting enough hours to transfer

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Hi all,

I Joined VATME, at a time when it was looking for volunteers and it was easy to swap Regions. I have taken a significant break from VATSIM and when I returned, the rules now require me to have 50 hours at STU2 to change regions.


I am looking for advice at which of the smaller airports I could log into, to allow me to gain the hours that are required for me to swap Regions, as I have zero interest in the VATME region, I am disappointed that changing Regions has proved so difficult for what is essentially a hobby and I am unable to create an alternative account, nor do I want to lose the hours I have already accrued.


Thank you.

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Hello Carl, 

The reason why there is a 50 hour requirement as per the Transfer & Visiting Policy (Section 1.3) is so that you first consolidate your rating before transferring somewhere else. Another reason why there are these types of rules in place is to stop people coming into divisions to get their ratings "quickly" and then leave out straight away afterwards which wastes local vACC and Division resources.

Now I would suggest you log into hq.vatme.net login and then you will see the available open airspaces that we have in which you can control. These include Oman, Kuwait, Iraq, Syria and Yemen. You could log 50 hours there just to get your transfer. 

An alternative thing (which I've seen hardly ever been done) is to contact the appropriate regional directors to sort of "bypass" that hour requirement or transfer day limit since it's almost been 4 years since you got your STU2 rating. Although I'm not too sure if it is still being done.

Good Luck!



Division Director (Acting)
##  [email protected]   
##  www.vatsim.me
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Hi Chris,

Thanks for your reply, I've attempted on numerous occasions to get help from above, but it appears I've exhausted those options. 


I am not being disrespectful to the region, it's down to the fact that the time that I get any free time in my household, there be no point logging into the VATME region, I am looking to move to a region in Canada or USA East Coast, as i prefer to actually control and not just stare at a blank radar!

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Hello Carl. Please send me an email [email protected]

The Regional Director listed for VATAME has recently resigned hence why you will not have received a reply if you tried to contact him. 

I am currently covering VATAME 



Alan Cooke           


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