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Frequently Asked Questions

"I’m new to VATSIM and I want to get started flying as fast as possible"

  • Before you get started flying please ensure that you’ve ready through our pilot resource center on how to file a flight plan for VFR or IFR flight →  https://vats.im/prc


"How can I connect to VATSIM with Microsoft Flight Simulator?"

  • VATSIM uses an application called vPilot to link Microsoft Flight Simulator to the VATSIM network, you will need the latest version of this software to be able to connect → https://vats.im/vpilot 


"Do you support the Microsoft Game Store, Steam, or Physical Disk version of Microsoft Flight Simulator?"

  • There is no difference to the game wherever you choose to buy it. VATSIM will support all PC versions of Microsoft Flight Simulator


"Do you support other flight simulators?"

  • Yes we support all the major flight simulators including Prepar3D, X-Plane, Flight Simulator X and Flight Simulator 9. You can view a full list of our supported software here → https://vats.im/as


"What if I can’t connect (or have connection issues) to VATSIM on release day of Microsoft Flight Simulator"

  • We are expecting a very high volume of traffic on release day of both seasoned and new fliers to VATSIM. Please be patient if you are having connection issues or are at a high trafficked airport. VATSIM volunteers will be working hard to ensure smooth operation on launch day. 


"How much does VATSIM cost?"

  • VATSIM is a 100% free and volunteer organization that does not cost anything to the users. 


"How will model matching work in Microsoft Flight Simulator?"

  • On day one model matching will be limited to the models that come with Microsoft Flight Simulator. We expect that soon after release 3rd party developers will release their own AI model matching packs that you can install into the simulator.


"I’m new to flying. Where can I find help and learn more?"

  • Our Pilot Resource Center was created to help educate newer pilots on our network. Get started by learning the basics here →  https://vats.im/prc


"How can I become an Air Traffic Controller on VATSIM?"

  • Our Air Traffic Controllers are an all volunteer group dedicated to bringing the most realistic simulation to air traffic control. If you would like to get started please visit our ATC training landing page which as instructions on how to join a region and get started → https://vats.im/atc


"Does VATSIM use the Microsoft Flight Simulator servers to run?"

  • No, VATSIM is a completely separate organization from Microsoft and Asobo. We use our own network infrastructure to support the VATSIM network. 


"When will I be able to fly on VATSIM once Microsoft Flight Simulator is released?"

  • We will support Microsoft Flight Simulator from day one, expect an update to the vPilot client shortly after release of Microsoft Flight Simulator. Stay tuned to the developer’s website on release for announcement when the client is available for download → https://vats.im/vpilot



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