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squawk 9999

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Hello Carl,

have you tried this with any other aircraft to rule out it is caused by the FlightFactor A320 way of communicating data?

Also, you can try using the "dot commands" to set your transponder code: https://docs.xpilot-project.org/#/user-guide?id=dot-commands

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3 hours ago, Carl Yip said:

Hi, i am using xp11 and xpilot, and FF a320 model.

after I received squawk from ATC, e.g. 5301, I set my transponder to 5301, but ATCs told me that 9999 was shown on their radar.

how can I fix this? Thank you

This happens when the FF transponder is set to Standby.

Flick the switch to 'Auto' and the aircraft will start sending the correct transponder code.

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