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[15 AUG 2020 1330z - 1730z] India Independence Day 2020

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India vACC would like to welcome you all to India Independence Day for 2020. 2020 marks the 73rd year since India gain Independence in 1947. Join us this Saturday 15th August 2020 from 1330z to 1730z as we light up all of India and its airspace.

ATC Bookings

ATC Bookings will be available via the link given. As there are too may positions to add for the vACC we have decided to open bookings for all FIR Enroute Positions and some of the major airports listed below

VIDP - New Delhi, VABB - Mumbai, VOBL - Bengaluru VOMM - Chennai, VECC - Kolkata, VOHS - Hyderabad, VAAH - Ahmedabad, VOCI - Cochin

In addition to all positions listed at the airports below please feel free to rpvoide services to other airports as well. The more the better.


Flight Suggestions

Unsure on where to fly India has a lot of International and Domestic routes for you to choose from. Flight connections is a great tool and its free to see where airlines fly visit https://www.flightconnections.com/

Lastly on behalf of India vACC Staff and West Asia Division staff we wish the India vACC members and all others a Happy Independence Day.

See you all there!

Deputy Division Director, VATSIM West Asia Division
Operations Team Leader, AFV Facility Engineer
VATAPAC ATC & FIR Manager. The Specialist Of ATC Project   
VATSIM Network Supervisor, Team 4
##  [email protected] 

VATWA - VATSIM West Asia LogoVATSIM Asia Pacific

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