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Need to find an airfield to go to

Lewis Haldenby 974268

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I'm in the very first stages of setting up a virtual airline, which will be flying single and twin piston aircraft from Biggin Hill [EGKB] as an air taxi service. When I first start flying, I will only be doing 2 or 3 routes (eg, Biggin Hill - AIRFIELD 1 - AIRFIELD 2 - Biggin Hill), but I need to choose two airfields to fly to. Any suggestions? I was thinking Cambridge as one, but there doesn't seem to be much ATC activity there

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I used to work with an Air charter company that in 2001 almost started a regular air taxi service from Exeter to Biggin Hill, Guernsey and Birmingham using PA31 Navajos. Sadly the repurcussions of 9/11 meant the idea was shelved.


Both of these airports have ATC on VATSIM - just an idea.



EGTT RTS Manager

ATCO London Area Control Centre (Swanwick)


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yep lots of airports that get opened and best (most open airfields) time is on Sunday evenings UK time


ill add EGBJ to the list too there open on Tuesday evenings too and provide a great VFR service if you into that.


you could even consider a pop over the sea to jersey or even local airfields in France.




Darren Fletcher


p.s. its great to see some smaller flights pottering about to even more stranger airfields

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EGGP is getting a reputation .......


I'm hoping EGNS will do too


EGNS has alllllways had a reputation


Best summers, worst winters. When the winds change to easterly you do NOT want to be flying lol!


But yeah, if you want a nice x-wind practise airport, come try out EGNS for an interesting destination.



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