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wich ports Vpilot use for conection?

Eduard Gasull

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11 hours ago, Ross Carlson said:

The regular network connection uses port 6809 on the server. The local port is random. For voice, I'm not sure which port is used. The AFV team will have to answer that question. You might want to ask in the AFV forum.

Thanks so much for that value info. i will ask on the AFV conection.

but for example if im having conection problems with the voice serverdue reason "lost server conection". This is becuase im lossing  network conection or audio server conection? Thanks by the way for the info.

We belive the network firewall of my residence is bloking the conection. Causewith wifi i have this problems and not when im conected to my phone network.  Thats the reason that IT of my residence needs to now which ports is this software using. 

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