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Announcing the official VATSIM Discord server

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Throughout its existence, we have seen countless examples of members connecting with other flight simulation enthusiasts from all over the world using the VATSIM Network. With the launch of the VATSIM Forums this became a key part of the network and our community for many years.

As a part of the rebranding, we honored the three key elements which the network revolves around; "Aviate", "Educate" and "Communicate". Communication not only on the network, but between members on the forums, in our Facebook groups and other social media platforms.

Our Marketing & Communications team have for a few months been hard at work behind the scenes preparing, building and testing the next big social platform, and we are now announcing the public opening of the official VATSIM Discord server!

The server is carefully tailored to be a safe community for all of our members, and we hope that the Discord server will continue our vision to connect the world's flight simulation enthusiasts closer together.

Make sure to read through the rules in the #welcome-read-first channel!

Join the server here: community.vatsim.net

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Mats Edvin Aarø
Assistant to the Vice President - Supervisors
VATSIM General Manager: Member Engagement
[email protected]

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