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EJ Davis

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VATCAR is looking to appoint a Web Services and IT Director within its management team


Applications should be emailed to EJ Davis at vatcar1[at]vatcar.org


The Web Services and IT Director (VATCAR7) areas of responsibility include:

  • Overall responsibility for heading up IT infrastructural project design & lead
  • Reports relevant project updates to the VATCAR leadership
  • Design and implement web applications
  • Construct and update an IT security policy


Requirements and expectations:

  • Have extensive knowledge of web building software using PHP, Wordpress, and MYSQL
  • Program and implement web services approved by VATCAR leadership
  • Assist FIR leaders maintain or develop their websites as needed
  • Ability to devote the required time to perform IT and development tasks
  • Be available to attend monthly staff meetings
  • Be at least 18 years of age.
  • Be of good standing within VATSIM
  • Applicants must be willing to transfer to VATCAR upon being appointed


VATCAR7 is a member of the divisions leadership team. Therefore, the successful candidate will also be able to participate in and vote on matters within VATCAR staff meetings.


This is an important position within the VATCAR management team working alongside the existing staff structure to ensure the division can continue its expansion within the region and VATSIM network.


Members applying should supply the following information:


  • Any special abilities or knowledge, which are relevant for the position (in brief)
  • A resume or other document explaining why they would be the ideal candidate to be selected
  • Other issues, which you as a candidate think is relevant, or important
Edited by EJ Davis


Division Director
## [email protected]
Facebook WWWvisit VATCAR.net
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