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xPilot user guidance for MSFS2020 client set up

Tom Gundy

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I've been flying on Vatsim with xPilot on X plane 11 for coming up to one year now. The work you all do is amazing and adds such realism to the experience. Thank you. 

Like many XP11 users I'm sure, I have pre-ordered FS20 and am eagerly awaiting the 18th to try out this new sim. I am also keen continue my Vatsim pilot adventures. I was delighted to hear about your involvement. 

The questions I have are around set up of the client software and connecting. 

Once I have the game fully installed, do I download the vPilot client for use in FS20?

Is there any 'how to's' or guidance on best practice for a smooth installation?

Are my existing Vatsim credentials the same ones I use?

Thanks and look forward to more flights under the guidance of the best virtual ATC around 😀

Tom Gundy (N654TG)



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Furthermore, it will work just like vPilot (or even xPilot) have worked up until now. 🙂 Simply install, run your simulator and connect!

As for the other questions, they are answered in the FAQ linked above.

Happy flying!

Mats Edvin Aarø
Assistant to the Vice President - Supervisors
VATSIM General Manager: Member Engagement
[email protected]

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