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Vatsim in Fs2020, can’t see other planes

Matthew Finkel

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Traffic should be injected at any level, but you would only want to see VATSIM traffic. Selecting  group would then remove live AI traffic and MSFS multiplayer server traffic, leaving you with just VATSIM traffic.


Unless there has been further changes, this is how it worked in testing.

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Agreed, according to the guide I've been putting together for BVA members (based on our members' experience with the released version of the sim), "Off (Group Only)" is what you want when connecting to the network. This will ensure you leave the injection of other aircraft to vPilot. Of course, you need to make sure you're not actively in a group (or you'll see other aircraft from within your group twice). 

That said,


Pilots wishing to fly formation or group flights may choose to fly with a Group on MSFS. This will allow for faster refresh rates than VATSIM offers, making formation and group flying much more enjoyable. When flying with a multiplayer Group, use the commands ".ignore (callsign)" and ".unignore (callsign)" in vPilot to hide and show specific network aircraft.



Evan Reiter
Boston Virtual ARTCC/ZBW Community Manager


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