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International Date Line Issues

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I am the FE at PCF (we cover ZAN, HCF, and ZUA) and I was recently attempting to add the ZAN Oceanic Sector (ZAP) to our file. The ZAP boundary crosses over the international date line and creates a strange result. The boundary on the other side of the date line is moved very far away from its intended location. I understand this a very unique issue but I was wondering if there was any fix for this or any possible solutions to make the file work.

(Picture is taken in VRC so I can zoom out to show the problem, issue is the same in vERAM)


Daneel Polakoff



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Nikolas Boling and I are working on a Script to fix this.

We have it done already but just piecing it all together.

It will automatically and accurately handle East longs (at least in VRC).

At the time of this comment, I am waiting to hear back if a W180.00.00.001+ coordinate will be accepted by vERAM.

If so, then we are good to go and will be putting an .exe or something together to get these coordinates converted.

Watch this project for updates: https://github.com/KSanders7070/NASR_2_SCT

Kyle Sanders

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1 hour ago, Kyle Sanders said:

Nikolas Boling and I are working on a Script to fix this.

Kyle, it sounds like you're referring to a script to convert coordinates in a sector file or video map. Daneel has already done that. The issue is that radar data coming in from the VATSIM server would need to be similarly converted so that the traffic appears on the correct side of the antimeridian.

Developer: vPilot, VRC, vSTARS, vERAM, VAT-Spy

Senior Controller, Boston Virtual ARTCC

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