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Interested in streaming ... what rules to follow?

Christoph Reule

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A18 - VATSIM welcomes members who wish to stream, record, or otherwise distribute their session for public viewing. 

(a) The online network conduct of the member during the stream/recording remains subject to this Code of Conduct. 

(b) If the member provides a link to their stream/recording either in their flight plan, or via other VATSIM operated medium, the entire stream/recorded session including informal mediums such as a stream chat are subject to this Code of Conduct.

(c) Members connected to the network who deliberately disrupt the stream/recording of another member are subject to immediate suspension from the network.

(d) VATSIM does not have the ability for its members to opt-out of being part of another members stream/recording.

...is what the COC has to say on the matter.

So if I'm not mistaken, this means that you are free to stream without further paperwork, as long as you keep playing by the rules, and if you post a link to your stream through any VATSIM channel, the scope of the COC extends to your use of the streaming platform.

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