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Swift crashes 1-20 minutes into flight - Mac (Catalina) xPlane 10.50r2 (beta)

Andre Nanbjor

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This error might very well be due to the fact that I am running beta software (xPlane 10.50r2), but I guess there might be a non-beta reason as well. 

So, Im running xPlane beta 10.50r2 on a iMac (Catalina) purchased in 2019 (i5 3,7 GHz, radeon 580x GPU, 40GB ram). The plane I'm flying at the moment (I haven't yet tested with other planes) is the IEXG 737 payware plane. I've followed several tutorials so I believe the installation to be OK. 


The sim works great when not using Swift. Also, I believe there are no problems with Swift running as long as I have not connected to VATSIM (online). After connecting, it can be everywhere from a few seconds (20s has been the least amount of time before the sim crashes) up to 15 minutes. Swift runs just fine, it even tells me that it will auto-logoff as "it seems I quit the sim or the sim crashed..". 

I've attached two xPlane log files from when the sim crashed. Are there any clues? Does it have something to do with Swift trying to place other liveries/planes into my "world"? It seems the sim is crashing faster when there are planes/other simmers close to me. That is BTW another problem, I have never seen other live planes when running the sim through the windows of my plane, only e.g. on the radar (Swift). I don't see the planes, not the callsign or anything. Looking outside the windows its like Im not online... The tower/controller sees me just fine over the radar at least... 

Any suggestions? First priority is the bug that renders my sim useless for online flying. Secondary, the invisible online users/liveries...  Thank you for helping out 😃


Oops: So I guess I am not allowed to attach .txt files (xPlane logfiles), I've attached the mas .pdf files...

Log_crash.pdf Log_crash2.pdf

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Hi Andre,

sorry to hear that you are having problems with swift.

I just had a look at your log files and I noticed that you seem to be using the X-IvAp plugin, is this right? Pilot clients are clashing with each other when they are installed at the same time, because they will be competing for the aircraft models. Deactivating them through the Plugin Manager is not sufficient, you can only have one online pilot client at a time inside /Plugins.

If you want to continue flying on IVAO, you will have to choose between a client of IVAO or of VATSIM before you start X-Plane. I suggest you create some kind of backup folder somewhere outside /Plugins where you will park such plugins when they should not be used.

Since you have created your Active Model Set in swift using CSL that are installed inside the X-IvAp directory, moving X-IvAp to another place will break your model mappings in swift. To overcome this and stay flexible my advice is:

  • in X-Plane 11\Custom Data\ create a new subfolder called "CSL" ==> X-Plane 11\Custom Data\CSL\
  • it looks like all your CSL models are from X-CSL. Create a new subfolder "X-CSL" ==> X-Plane 11\Custom Data\CSL\X-CSL\
  • copy all your CSL model from the X-IvAp directory to X-Plane 11\Custom Data\CSL\X-CSL\ for use in swift
  • start swiftLauncher, there start the Config Wizard
  • flick through the pages until you arrive at the "Simulator" setup
  • in "Model Directories" add X-Plane 11\Custom Data\CSL\ and save your new settings.
  • go to the next page "First Model Set" and follow these instructions: https://docs.swift-project.org/doku.php?id=xplane_configuration#first_model_set_wizard

This way you will scan all models again and then create a new model set. As your CSL models are now at one single place, you can move X-IvAp and xswiftbus as much as you like, there should be no more impact.

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Thank you so much for this very informative reply! I thought I had deleted Ivap and related files, I guess I didn't do a very good job. Thanks to your wonderful explanation I believe I will be able to make this work =) I must admit that the installation process (Swift) was a bit difficult in my eyes, but I hope I did OK. 

Ill let you know how it goes =)


EDIT: Would there be of any benefit to just uninstall everything and try again from scratch (obviously deleting all of X-ivap as well..)?

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