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ATC voice cutting out?

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Hello all,

Recently I did a flight from EGPH - EGLL, and was in London Centre N and SC control. For some reason the sound would sometimes cut out on transmissions, sometimes I'd hear the controller talking to, say EZY45T, and it would be 'Easy 45 Tango tur.....ng 220'. I was SHT14P, and once I just heard '....Papa'. I wasn't sure if it was me or someone else, all I got was P and that was it. A few seconds later I had an instruction possibly repeated to me so it probably was for me. Other instructions for me and others were fine but there were still some cut out, I had some that I could just work out like 'Shuttle 14.....heading 120'.

I was wondering if it was just me having problems, but on South control, the controller did apologize to someone stating that there seems to be voice issues as he wasn't getting first time responses, either that or people just weren't responding in the time they should have so maybe it was just me??

Has anyone else had this so I know if it's not just me? Though today I had London Control and Brussels, and it was absolutely fine with no problems and no cut outs.


Any help appreciated!


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I have this sometimes too, It is completely normal for this to happen. Often it will just be the Controller's internet issues or Vatsim's servers being laggy. I wouldn't worry about this as most likely, if you're experiencing a com issue, every other pilot active on that frequency will be as well. Sometimes it could be your connection though, so always make sure that your internet connection is stable before going online, that way if there is something wrong with the communication, you know that it is not you. Remember that you can always ask the controller to repeat their previous transmission, if it is due to a message being broken, say something like this: "Can you please repeat your previous transmission/message for [your callsign]." The atc should repeat the message and they will probably slow it down slightly to make sure that you understand them. Hope this helps 🙂

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