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"Missing model string" ?

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Hi. Running Linux-64 bit- X-Plane (obviously). X-CSL Model set

Got it mostly set up correctly and it seems happy.  However, I cannot complete the Swift Mapping Wizard, which is telling me "Missing Model String" on the confirmation page. (Trying White/White Cessna 172 using XP Standard)

Given there is nothing on here that fits that description, that would seem to leave two possibilities.

1) On the first page of the Wizard there is a textbox for "Model's Unique Key". This appears to be disabled. I had presumed it was to be filled in at the end.

2) Immediately before this on the main client GUI there is another text box "Model" with Unique model identifier in the "Own Aircraft" group.  This too appears to be disabled. I had presumed that was filled in by the Wizard but it is not likely because it is not completed because of 1.

It should also be noted that as I had "Observer (co pilot) No simulator selected" it would seem logical that "Own Aircraft" should itself be disabled.

The Log appears to be a dump of class instances.

Please advise.


Paul Robson.

Also ; it is probably worth making it more explicit in the installation tutorial that you need to download a CSL set at all. Some programs either provide a reasonable default set as part of the install, or download them automatically. I can appreciate you may not want to do this, but it is not clear that it needs to be done, nor how to do it from the installation tutorial.

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Hi. Sorry, I meant to get back to you on this one.

I was using the Bluebell dataset in X-Plane/Linux. Rather than having CSL/BB_GA/C172 as the tree in the models I had put CSL/BB_GA/BB_GA/C172 in instead (the others were done correctly) as is advised against in the documentation.

It now seems to find it automatically, e.g. if I'm connected to X-Plane with a C172 flight in progress it selects that without intervention.

I suspect what is happening is that before when it tried to do a "Model match" this meant it couldn't find a C172 model to use and this is what caused the error. This is not unreasonable but "Missing Model String" perhaps should be replaced with "Cannot find matching model in model set" ?

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