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Multiple ways to enter a ATC Frequency?

Martin Aviati

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Good evening,

I just had an issue with the A320 neo in the FS2020 while flying on vatsim in FS2020. I had to contact Langen on 127.720 but I wasn` t able to enter the frequency in the cockpit. While I was trying to set it to "20" it alway skipped the number 20. I was only able to set it to "15" and "25". I assume I just found a new bug in the FS2020 A320neo.

Is there any other way to contact a Frequency, probably with a shortcut I could type in the vpilot software? Probably like .freq 127.720? Sadly I had to abort my online flight because of that A320 neo bug.

That` s the only problem I encountered today while flying on vatsim with the FS2020. The software is running without any performance issues now. I was able to see other traffic but of course just with the liveries which are already included in the FS2020.

Best regards,


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Hello Martin,

no, this is not a bug. In the real world 127.720 does not exist. The fact that we are using those strange frequencies at VATSIM is due to the fact that we are still backwards-compatible with FS9 where radios only have 2 digits after the decimal: 127.72 . If we used 127.725, pilots with FS9 would not be able to tune this frequency.

To accommodate these frequencies, normally your pilot client should be cutting off the 3rd digit. Alternatively you can manually set COM-frequencies with the so called dot-commands: https://vpilot.metacraft.com/Documentation#dot-commands

In your case that would be .com1 127.720

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