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vPilot Showing Connected

Diego Vasquez

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Today I started my flight, vPilot latest with FS2020, connected to VATSIM, filed my FP, there was no traffic around me (vatspy) so I departed.

30-45 mins into my flight, i noticed that I was not visible on Vatspy... i click the disconnect button and it said on red "not connected to the network".

So at some point I lost connectivity but nothing was shown on the vPilot log?

Restarting vPilot reconnected me immediately.



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Thanks Ross.

If i could add... there were no error/red messages on the log that may have indicated an issue, I had been flying solo without knowing probably even before I departed.

Clicking the Disconnect button (even repeatedly) would not only log a "not connected" error, it would also not change the button itself again to Connect ! 

So the only option was really to close the vPilot client.

Ill try to screenshot next time if it repeats, hopefully the above paints a useful picture.


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